Leadership Strategic Session (LSS)

The Leadership Strategic Session is an event where we aim at empowering our members spiritually, physically, emotionally etc., to be able to go back and concur the challenges of life through serving God and contribute positively to their church, families and the community.

This is our 3rd annual session of the LSS, the event covers engaging life topics and lessons that grooms the character of a leader, it’s a platform to deliberate on policies and conduct an Installation Service for the newly elected Board.

The events theme “STEP IN GOD” is from the book Isaiah 45:2, purpose of the theme is to encourage and motivate our members to step in faith and allow God in our lives and for God to step in our Ministry (RAYAC) to make a difference and revive it for His business that it may be carried out properly and in order.


Previously this session was called the Convocation Session, however to align ourselves with other Ministries and Components in the Church we reviewed the name to “SUMMIT”, this is the first ever summit of the Richard Allen Young Adult Council in the 19th Episcopal District.

We are excited and looking forward to this first ever event, great things are yet to come, remember our term of office theme is “Its Only The Beginning”. Watch this space and get ready, pray with us as we prepare for this session.

The session will be hosted by the MM Mokone Annual Conference in the Vhembe District Limpopo Province, here we come!

Accommodation list for 19th District RAYAC - SUMMIT

Christian Education Congress

This session will be the last session for the quadrennial and it’s where we report our annual Presidential Address to the presiding Bishop. Furthermore, submit any matter that needs engagement and attention by the BOCE Director and the Clergy.

This session of CEC is where we plan for the upcoming year for our term of office and submit the same to the Bishop’s office.