Presidential Message

It’s the Beginning

Welcome to the 19th Episcopal District Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC) website. As the leadership of this great Ministry of young adults of the African Methodist Episcopal Church we are delighted and grateful to God for this second website of the 19th Episcopal District RAYAC.

We continue to honor and appreciate our leaders who lead and served this ministry in this Episcopal District, as we continue with the work of this ministry and remain humble of the foundation, they have laid for us:

After all has happened in this Ministry, God remains God, when we thought all is over and there’s no more light and life for this Ministry; God stepped in to remind us that with Him everything is possible. Now when we think of the goodness of the Lord, our souls shouts halleluiah and we pledge our lives to SERVE the business of our Father and His people.

Our theme for term of office 2020 – 2022


Luke 4:41, calls for all of us to TURN UP, the time is now to be more intentional about restoring this Ministry, be more committed, compromise, dedicate our lives to God, prioritize God, Live for Christ, give ourselves and our resources as a form of being grateful to God for the gift of life. May we start this term of office understanding that we are still given a chance to LIVE for a purpose.

Let us serve in all levels, especially in the local Charges and give ourselves as living sacrifices to God. SERVERS let’s turn up and give our lives to God. I therefore expect us as members of this ministry to be WILLING to serve in all levels of the Church, AVAILABLE to assist all members of the Church, PREPARED to sacrifice and prioritize our calling, be PRAYERFUL at all times and be PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL in our service to the Work of GOD and this Ministry. Let us be about our Father’s business.


Bro Thembinkosi Kumalo, Sr.

8th RAYAC President, 19TH Episcopal District of the AMEC