Richard Allen Young Adult Council(RAYAC)

History and Background

The Richard Allen Youth Council was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, during the 150th celebration of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church, June 22-27, 1937, celebrated the Sesquicential Festival of Negro Methodism. It marked 150 years of progress by the AME Church since Richard Allen and his followers withdrew from St. George M.E. Church in Philadelphia, PA, in 1787. It was the beginning of a movement for self-help, self-movement, and self-direction in the religious life of people of African descent in America.This agency came from the vision of Dr. S. S. Morris, Sr., who committed to the idea of bringing existing youth organizations together in the format of a council. It was not the intent of the RAYC to replace any youth agency or organization. Each organization would keep its own identity.

The primary goal of the RAYC was to coordinate and unify the total program, which the local church offered its youth.

The RAYAC today
Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC) was born at the 45th Quadrennial Session of the AME Church, and is an outgrowth of the Richard Allen Youth Council (RAYC). The RAYAC no longer serves as an overseeing body of other youth organizations; it is now a group for young adults between the ages of 26-39. The goal of the RAYAC is to retain young adults to the Lord, the church, and to lead young adults to use their gifts and talents in the service of the Lord.